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Jordan’s Place is a great place to make a difference in the life of a foster family in Indiana. Jordan’s Place believes in second chances. We feel that if the right criteria are met, you will be provided the opportunity to influence the lives of young people in Indiana through your hard work. All persons submitting a volunteer application will be subject to a State and nationwide criminal background check, and subject to intense questioning by Jordan’s Place staff, and the board members before a volunteer position is granted. The house board reserves the right to not disclose volunteer terminations for any reason. For the benefit of these children, anything the Jordan’s Place Board or Staff deems as unacceptable can and may be cause for immediate dismissal. As with any job, you will be held accountable to be on time, reliable and responsible to carry out tasks that are assigned to you in a timely manner. You will always take into account the safety of everyone involved, the children of the home, the house staff, as well as yourself. If you would like to submit a preliminary volunteer application to Jordan’s Place, please fill out the form below, and tell us about yourself. If your talents meet our needs, we will contact you.

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