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Jordan's Place
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About Us

"There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children ... one is roots, the other wings."

-- Stephen Covey

At Jordan’s place, we believe a stable, loving family, supported by a caring community, can have a powerful effect on a child.  We believe in the importance of establishing firm family roots – something which every child needs, but is especially crucial to the adjustment of a child whose life may have been previously in flux.  The proper resources will aid foster parents to equip these precious children with the love, safety, and resources they need to go forward with hope for a brighter future.

Jordan’s Place has helped hundreds of children locally, regionally and nationally by providing clothing, food and necessities for them and their extended families within the foster care system.

Jordan’s place embraces the principle that each individual is a person of worth. Our sincere commitment is to accept each youth as he or she is and to provide viable alternatives to meet the special circumstances in every foster child’s life.  Jordan’s Place seeks to demonstrate acceptance of every child, with no strings attached, due to dysfunctional behavior, physical limitation, culture, color, gender, or national origin.

Foster Parents Terry and Ruth Blackburn believe all children have the right to live in a nurturing, non-abusive environment that supports, educates, and encourages kids to be the best they can be, no matter what their past circumstances. It is through this philosophy that they have the ability to demonstrate love to their own foster children and have an impact on those children’s lives.  People who “walk the walk” possess the wisdom to pass onto others and contribute to the journey of its newest community members – the foster child.