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Jordan’s Place knows what foster families need - we’ve been there. What moves a family to open their hearts and their homes to a foster child? The reasons are as numerous as there are families. For Ruth and I, it was our belief that all children have a right to live in a nurturing, non- abusive environment. Support, education, and encouragement cultivate the confidence kids need to be at their best no matter what the circumstances. We’ve been privileged to have cared for 150+ kids over the last seven years. So when it comes to the clothing, food, and other everyday needs for your loving family, Jordan's Place is here to help - just as it has been since 2005.

With generous donations from residents and businesses across the State and beyond, families receive life’s basic necessities, empowering foster children, as well as their families, with love, safety, and hope.

If, on the other hand, you're visiting our website to find out what you can do to aid these exceptional families, thank you for your interest. You'll find many opportunities to share your time, talent, and resources with a family in need. Your generosity and call to serve your community is greatly appreciated. Giving a Donation, donating clothes, food or supplies so that foster families can maximize the resources they have.